Two inventions of academician Gokh V.A. changed idea about the world.

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the "method of geo-holography" and the "method of geo-hydrodiagnostics" (patent of #13408A/16.12.96. MKI G 01 v 9/12, the Ukraine), and in the consequence - methods of resonance geo-hydrodiagnostics and geo-holography (Gokh V.A. and Krivin V.V.) make it possible to reveal any elements of the periodic table, minerals, substances, separate construction and devices, objects on the Earth and in cosmos (in Vol. h. on other planets and stars) with the assignment of analogs (models) for the record of structural field and photographs of planets, stars, section of space, executed with the aid of the satellites or the telescopes.

Is possible to evaluate and characterise of the margins of natural resources, obtaining information about structure and nuclear composition of planets, stars.The authenticity of methods with the use of know-hows composes 90% and it is above.

As a result of scientifically - prospecting works with the aid of the inventions of academician Gokh V.A. mentioned above is made a number of the discoveries, which change ideas about peace and structure of the Earth:

  • the origin of underground waters with the aid of the magma chambers, cooled by sea or lake water;
  • the rotation of hydrocarbons in nature of the Earth:underwater photosynthesis in the algae of the Sargasso Sea, their extinction and sucking in into the moshchneyshiy magma chamber in the region of Bermuda triangle, thermal effect on them without the access of oxygen with obtaining of oil, gas, gas condensate, thermal fresh water and thermal high(ly)-salt water.Introduction of enumerated components into different horizons/levels and motion on terrestial globe (two great circles of the rotation of hydrocarbons even two small).Output of hydrocarbons, their combustion, absorption by water of the oceans of carbon dioxide and - the new cycle of photosynthesis in the algae, their extinction and entry/incidence into the magma chamber;
  • the appearance of warm current Gulf Stream (due to heating of the water above the magma chamber in the region of Bermuda triangle and its ejection into the region of Florida molded edge/gulf);
  • the comprehensive prediction, which was confirmed to 100%, is given on 14 layers of hydrocarbons;
  • in the Crimea are discovered they are discovered the significant supplies of natural gas, fresh and thermal water;
  • scanned the nucleus of the Earth is built its physical model, which is of enormous practical-scientific interest;
  • are found thirty seven earliest pyramids in the Crimea (seven of them - in g.Sevastopole);
  • the energy exchange between three heavenly bodies and nucleus of the earth is established through the pyramids;
  • the groups of pyramids in England, Brazil, Mauritania, Namibia, Mozambique, Australia, regions about-VA of Easter and Bermuda islands are discovered;
  • are scanned planets Mars and the Moon, which made it possible to determine the composition of their nuclei and to detect minerals;
  • are established the energy exchange through the pyramids of the nucleus of the Earth with three heavenly bodies - Vega, Canopus, choir;
  • the signs of life (protein and vegetation) in the constellations of pleiad and Orion are discovered;

  • Method of geo-hydrodiagnostics.

  • In the constellations of pleiad and Orion the criteria of life are discovered.
  • Pyramids in the Crimea
  • New model of the planets
  • New physical model of the nucleus of the Earth and the role of pyramids in control of its processes
  • Advanced Russian Technology Helps to Discover Underground Water Reserves in Mauritania

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