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The group of scientists, headed by Gokh V. A., mastering the method of geohydrodiagnostics, during a study of the geological structure of Crimean peninsula together with the establishment of the water balance of fresh water, the presence of thermal waters, and also hydrocarbons and minerals, made a sensational discovery/opening.In the section The southern shore of the Crimea from Sevastopol to Foros were discovered seven pyramids, whose age much the same as in the pyramids of Tibet. They are arranged on one line from northwest to the southeast in the Sevastopol zone, from Khersones cape to the cape buzzard along coast feature. It was explained that on the same line is found Stonehenge. In the opposite direction - the pyramid of Tibet, and the further sunken pyramids of Easter island.The height of the Sevastopol pyramids, folded of the lime blocks, is 45-52 meters, and their vertexes are located almost on the ground level.

Naturally, this phenomenon awaits its study and requires answer to the following palpitating questions: who, and with what purposes  does built these pyramids on the Earth? what role they are intended to play in the development of humanity? We have, of course, our special judgments on these questions, but this conversation in front.


1.Gypsum with the protein
2.Gipsoselikatnaya shell
3.Layer of fine sand with the liquid glass
4.Fused quartz
5.Charcoal, the ashes

1.Plates (thickness of 30 cm)
2.Cupolas of the edge
3.Small cupolas of the sides of the pyramid

On the edge is discovered airtight hollow dome-like structure with those fused in the center section from above and from below quartz rods, and in the cavities of base - by remainders of charcoal and ashes .Inside the structure there was a carbon dioxide. Outside cupola was coated by composition from the gypsum and the egg white. Cupola was installed into gypsum concrete with the protein. Dimensions of the cupola: a height - 40 cm, the diameter of base - 55 cm. on the face of pyramid (area of bore pit) were discovered the four additional identical cupolas of smaller size (2,5 times). Analysis showed that data of cupola are crystal generators with the carbonic acid filling. Protein serves as test filter - it enters into resonance and passes only the frequencies, which correspond to thin material.

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